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Terry Talks

Angry to Happy

Angry Canadians? It sounds like an oxymoron, but recent studies have show that our anger levels are high - particularly in Ontario. In this week's Terry Talk, Terry shares top ten tips on how to boost your mood heading into the holiday season and how your job might be impacting your happiness.

Black Friday

We all love the dopamine hit of a good Black Friday deal. Unfortunately, solutions to talent challenges don't go on sale. This week's Terry Talk discusses the importance of investing in your team and how strong leadership is better than even the best Black Friday sale.

Start Talking

When it comes to conversations with your employees about outside of work impacts, it's best to just ignore it or stay silent, right? As leaders, understand that your employees come to work everyday with their whole self - meaning that yes, they are impacted by forces outside of work. In this week's Terry Talk, we discuss connectivity, community, empathy and why acknowledging external forces is critical for your employees.


Terry discusses troubling research around turnover - when one employee leaves, another employee is more likely to follow. How can your strategy and talent management trifecta (Culture. Engagement. Leadership.) mitigate this? Check out this week's Terry Talk for more!

Taking a Break

Check out this week's Terry Talk to learn about the importance of breaks - why we should take them, and what it does to our brain we don't!


When company culture and business strategy align great outcomes can be achieved! But, a misalignment can lead to challenges and complications, which means it may be time for a change. Check out this week's Terry Talk to learn more about culture and how to change it!